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London’s office market is primed for disruption. We're here to help

London’s office market is primed for disruption. We're here to help

London is home to one of the largest, most diverse and well-renowned commercial real estate (CRE) markets in the world.

Current figures show that there are more than 1.1 million private companies located in the UK’s capital. These vary from exciting high-growth startups in tech hubs through to financial powerhouses in the so-called Square Mile, from global brands on the high streets through to enterprising SMBs everywhere you turn. 

However, peel away the surface and you can see that there are significant changes taking place within the historic buildings that line London’s streets. Commercial properties are changing, none more so than office buildings, which are already looking markedly different from what was the case in decades gone by.

Put simply, the flexible working revolution has taken hold. Indeed, London is an undisputed frontrunner when it comes to embracing flexible working practices – many CRE landlords have opened their eyes to the benefits, with tenants demanding flexible workspaces in ever greater number.

Demand for flexible workspaces in London were 32% higher in the first six months of 2021, compared to the same period a year earlier.

It is a reflection of where the market is headed, with more and more businesses looking for flexible leases and workspaces that drive collaboration, creativity and an amazing experience for their employees. The pandemic has kicked this trend into overdrive, forcing organisations to reconsider what they want from their office, and how they can best inspire staff to recommence commuting to work, if only once or twice a week.

In a recent article he wrote for Property Notify, our co-founder and CTO Wilco Wijnbergen cited some pertinent statistics from a recent study of UK businesses:

  • 81% of UK businesses feel they need to implement a new workplace strategy
  • 47% think their real estate strategies will include a greater amount of flexible, serviced or coworking space
  • 63% anticipate there being a greater focus on the design and specification of their offices

Primed for disruption

London’s CRE market is, then, primed for disruption. It has a huge population of businesses. It has already started to embrace the flexible working movement. And prospective tenants are increasingly moving away from traditional, long-term leases in favour of workspaces that truly meet their needs post-pandemic. But much more must be done to develop future-proof offices. 

infinitSpace is alert to this trend. We are experts in global CRE sectors, with a great deal of  experience in many leading markets, such as Germany, Israel, the Netherlands and the UK. From day one, London was identified as a key location for us to offer our services to landlords.

So, how can we help?

In short, we enable office landlords to provide a flexible workspace. We do this by working closely with the individuals or groups who own the building, and we guide them through the process by doing the “heavy lifting” along the way:

  • A landlord may ask us to transform an entire building or several floors within one. We then convert traditional offices into modern, flexible and innovative spaces
  • We work with the landlord to create a brand for that space, one which will resonate with their tenants. Crucially, the landlord maintains input into the final look and feel of their property, rather than handing over complete control
  • We install the facilities that businesses demand, from meetings rooms and breakout areas to barista coffees and gyms
  • We implement technology that can be used by both landlord and tenant in the form of a best-in-class app. This means there can be effortless communication between all stakeholders, while also ensuring the space operates seamlessly
  • And, crucially, we manage and market the workspace, finding tenants to occupy it and making sure they enjoy a superb experience

Many CRE landlords in London understand that to remain relevant, they need a progressive flexible workspace offering within their portfolio. However, we are only at the start of the journey, and many office landlords need support to keep pace with the rate of change taking place in the city right now.

infinitSpace is the solution these landlords need. Get in touch today to start a conversation about how we can help you seize the benefits of the flexible working revolution.

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