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A workspace without tech will no longer attract tenants

A workspace without tech will no longer attract tenants

The workplace of the future will be judged by different criteria than it was before. It will be judged not just based on its lease and location, but more importantly, on its ability to provide an exceptional tenant experience.

Following the remote working revolution, office buildings must be designed to empower creativity, productivity and inclusivity. They have to give professionals a reason to venture to their local working hub.

They must also provide opportunities for peer-to-peer collaboration. Despite being connected through technology, many employees are missing real connection: indeed, a recent survey found that social connections (45%), human contact (44%), and a clear separation between their work and home life (42%) were the three things former office workers missed the most during the extended period of remote work.

The physical workplace chosen to support new patterns of working will no doubt dictate company culture in the future, so businesses looking for new setups have some big decisions to make. Here’s why office buildings powered by modern technology will stand out from the crowd…

Why does office tech matter?

Commercial real estate (CRE) leaders will increasingly be expected to facilitate interconnected environments, whereby employees can easily engage with their peers.

Readily accessible, easy-to-use digital platforms will be at the top of business leaders’ checklists as they look for spaces that will reflect their internal culture and provide a healthy work environment. Booking meeting rooms and desks at the tap of a button is just the beginning; tenants will be expecting to be able to explore sports facilities, browse and sign up for events and networking opportunities, report problems, shop online and more, all through an integrated, all-encompassing app.

Here at infinitSpace, our dedicated software was built around these requirements, and is designed to support flourishing urban hubs. It seamlessly integrates all building facilities, allowing people to easily organise their day-to-day activities and connect with like-minded individuals. Communication between tenants and landlords is enhanced, too – timely updates can be sent when needed to all occupiers, questions can be addressed directly through the app, and community newsletters can be sent to promote the all-important social fabric of a workspace.

For commercial landlords, our solutions offer another distinct advantage: by collecting data points as tenants engage with their office space, they will be able to constantly re-evaluate and improve their building. As we all know, flexibility has become the name of the game, and landlords must be able to keep up with changing behaviours. By tracking occupancy levels and engagement with different facilities and amenities throughout the building, landlords can optimise the design and use of space – not only to ensure maximum revenue, but to truly cater to the needs of occupiers.

From freelancers hot-desking once or twice a week, to large enterprises whose staff require longer-term dedicated workstations, landlords are facing the difficult challenge of catering to different working patterns and demands. Thankfully, technology can lift the heavy burden and help build a positive tenant experience.

How infinitSpace can help

Digital-first office buildings are the future. Yet a building’s unique brand and culture will also play a vital role in attracting tenants.

By partnering with infinitSpace, landlords can have both. We help reconfigure buildings into flexible workspaces, while our operational management services include all the tools needed to run the space. Our software offers a wide range of features, while landlords can put their own stamp on the end result by running branded apps complete with their own logo, design, and personality.

Crucially, we give CRE leaders the digital tools they need to ensure their spaces will stand the test of time and live up to tenants’ evolving expectations. Get in touch to find out more!

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